Afghan Seeds USA Delivery Guaranteed

Buy Afghan Cannabis Seeds With USA Guaranteed Delivery

Buy Afghan Cannabis Seeds With USA Guaranteed Delivery

Feminized Afghan Seeds

Feminized Afghan seeds are well known all over the world. Many people have smoked some afghan hash in their lives. Afghan is used as parent strain for many very popular strains including, White Widow and the world famous Kush strains. These feminized Afghan seeds into very sturdy and strong plants.

Afghan plants are known for their strength and pest resistance. Originated from the mountains of Afghanistan, Afghan has been around for hundreds of years. This amazing strain has been a revolution on its own, many Indica hybrids contain Afghan genetics. Afghan feminized seeds are one of the few 100% pure Indica Cannabis strains.

Smoking Afghan gives the user a relaxed, happy, body stoned sensation, while creating an uplifting euphoric feeling.

Afghan is widely used by medical Cannabis users requiring relief from pain, nausea and stress. Our Afghan seeds are top of the line feminized seeds, easy to grow and always return great results.


Afghan Seeds Review

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Afghan seeds are the perfect choice for the medical Marijuana grower. Easy to grow, making it a great choice for both beginners and the more experienced growers alike, these pure, 100% Indica Cannabis seeds can help provide relief from pain, nausea and stress.

Indoor, outdoor, soil and hydroponics, whichever growing method you prefer these Afghan seeds are suited to all styles and methods. Germination is 100% guaranteed, so no risks on buying dud seeds, and once these seedlings become established, the plants grow quickly, producing a strong stem and branch structure.

Various growing conditions and techniques will result in differing heights that can range between 60 centimeters, through to 2 meters when grown outdoors and fully mature. Indoor harvests average approximately 400 grams of high quality Indica Marijuana buds per square meter, while outdoor growers can produce as much as 525 grams per square meter.

Afghan seeds grow well indoors, responding well to both Sea and Screen-Of-Green techniques (SOG, SCROG) with strong branches capable of supporting the heavy, dense buds. Flowering times are long for an Indica, requiring between ten to eleven weeks, but this slightly longer flowering period allows for the full production of both THC and CBD.

THC levels are high, around 20% when the plant is fully mature, but with high CBD levels these Afghan seeds provide a strong, long-lasting body high that isn’t too overpowering, allowing you to enjoy the exceptionally high pain relieving qualities of this Cannabis strain, while continuing with your daily life.

All of these 100% Indica Afghan seeds are feminized, guaranteeing you receive and grow female only plants, and with both delivery and germination guaranteed, you know your seeds are of the highest quality available.

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Buy the very best quality Afghan seeds, with free, guaranteed delivery to the USA, Canada and Europe. Available to buy in packs of 5, 10 and 20 feminized Afghan seeds.

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