Big Buddha Blue Cheese Seeds


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Big Buddha Blue Cheese Seeds


Looking for the best? Big Buddha Seeds Blue Cheese is one of the best strains of Cannabis available. A perfect hybrid cross containing the best genetics from Big Buddha Cheese and an undisclosed Blueberry plant, the Big Buddha created one of the most distinguishable tastes of Marijuana currently available. Read our complete review of the Big Buddha Seeds Blue Cheese.

Big Buddha Seeds Blue Cheese

How do you define a taste, a smell, the sensory perspective that's activated by the Big Buddha Seeds Blue Cheese, it's hard. I am probably biased, i love Big Buddha Big Blue Cheese, but even i struggle to put into words the taste of this award winning hybrid, If you're planning a trip to Amsterdam, be sure to buy Big Buddha Seeds Blue Cheese, you won't be disappointed.

Big Buddha Blue Cheese seeds produce a stable, Indica dominated hybrid containing the very best characteristics of the Blueberry male and original Big Buddha Cheese. The combination of 20% Sativa - 80% Indica combined into each seed, together with high germination rates, produces short, bushy plants that mature fast, with good yields that emit a fruity Blueberry aroma.

With it's strong Indica genetics, it's recommended that you allow Big Buddha Blue Cheese plants space while in its vegetative or growing stages, Blue Cheese Seeds grow uniformly, producing fairly squat, but strong plants which grow to become more bush-like as they go to flower. Close branches make this a perfect choice for indoor 'Screen-Of-Green' growers.

To maximize the yield from your Big Buddha Blue Cheese Seeds you should utilize bending and pruning techniques, these will maximize the growth and side branching development\development of the side branches, which will improve the yield at crop. Big Buddha Blue Cheese seeds take approximately 56 - 63 days when grown indoors, which comprises of a large main bud and respectable side branches, especially if you follow the super-cropping methods which may be used during growth and pre-flower. Outdoors, Big Buddha Seeds Blue Cheese will be ready to harvest during the beginning of November, ideal for a Blue Cheese Halloween party.

Blue Cheese Seeds may not be the biggest yielding Cannabis strain, but the quality of the buds is an absolute winner, when the Cannabis buds ripen, a light blue clooring, or glaze can be seen around the buds, this is more noticable when grown outside or in grow-rooms which suffer extreme changes in temperature, such as out-buildings and lofts that cool considerably during the night and early hours of the morning.

Big Buddha Blue Cheese won the third prize during the High Times Sativa Cup 2006, beaten by Kiwi Seeds Mako Haze, who gained the first prize, and Opium from Paradise Seeds taking the silver. Even though it was only awarded third prize,, visit many of the Amsterdam Coffee Shops and you will soon discover that the Big Buddha Blue Cheese began a demand\desire for a more fruity version of the previous winning Big Buddha Cheese strain. A large number of Cannabis and Marijuana Seed Banks now incorporate their own version of Blue Cheese, but, it was with the crossing of the Big Buddha Cheese together with the best Blueberry male, which first gave us this wonderful tasting Big Buddha Blue Cheese.

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