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Buy Blue Dream Seeds With Guaranteed Delivery

Blue Dream Seeds

We now sell Blue Dream seeds, the most popular strain in the USA. Blue Dream is a Blueberry sativa/Jack cross with an intense fruity smell and a deep dark taste. She has 4 phenotypes and 70% is purple. Blue Dream gives you the best of both worlds. A totally relaxed feeling that the indica provides and a tingling sensation in the brain due to the sativa percentage. Blue dream is pure euphoria. The sweet berry taste of Blue Dream is phenomenal!

Blue Dream is widely used for pain relief, depression and nausea. Blue Dream can be smoked during the daytime. Blue Dream is this without a doubt the best tasting weed on the planet. The body stone is mild and boosts creativity. We have the best Blue Dream seeds available, we only use the top breeders for our Blue Dream seeds.

Blue Dream has up to 24% THC. Based on searches in the USA, Blue Dream had the most searches on Google in 2014. Most dispensaries in the USA have Blue Dream on their menu. Now you can start growing your own Blue Dream seeds. This high quality strain is a must in every growers collection. Great yield and an amazing plant.

Blue Dream Seeds


Blue Dream Seeds Review

Blue Dream seeds are probably one of the most sought after Cannabis strains across the USA. It’s heavy 80% Sativa influence dominants the 20% Indica genes, creating a phenomenal hybrid with an extremely intense, fruity aroma and deep, dark taste.

Perfect for growing indoors, these feminized Blue Dream seeds are stable and easy to grow, regardless of your level of growing expertize Whether you prefer natural soil, inert mediums or hydroponic systems Blue Dream Cannabis seeds are able to adapt and flourish. Medical users often use Blue Dream as an all-round, or daytime smoke as it isn’t too overpowering, while still combating a wide number of conditions and ailments, including; migraines, anxiety, stress and depression.

Feminized seeds guarantee female plants, but these Blue Dream seeds go one better, as with all the Cannabis seeds supplied by I Love Growing Marijuana they are covered by the 100% germination guarantee. No male plants, no dud seeds that’s the guarantee you get with these very special Cannabis seeds.

Once germinated, Blue Dream seeds are quick to grow and stretch. Some growers ‘top’ their plants or bend them to avoid height problems later in flowering. Scree-Of-Green technique, as well as a selection of Super cropping techniques can help to reduce the overall height, and increase to overall yield of the plant. Left to grow without any restriction, expect the plants to stand around 120 cm tall when fully mature indoors, while outdoors, heights of 170 cm are the average.

Blue Dream seeds grow strong, stable plants, capable of producing large, swollen buds with a purple/blue coloring. Flowering times for a Sativa dominant hybrid are average, with the plant requiring approximately 10 weeks to reach peak maturity. While the Indica genetics improve the buds density, allowing for harvests of approximately 600 grams of the finest Blue Dream Cannabis per square meter.

THC levels for mature buds are good, averaging around 21%, while the medium CBD levels help relieve stress, tension and anxiety after a hard day. The combination of mild Indica body buzz, added with a euphoric, creative high, made Blue Dream seeds the most sought after strain on Google during 2014.

Although easy to grow and effective in supplying a wonderfully relaxing high, Blue Dream Cannabis is most famous for it’s taste. Many describe it as the best tasting Cannabis currently available with deep flavours of ripe berries. It has become so popular, almost every Dispensary now stock Blue Dream Cannabis for their customers.

Blue Dream seeds are a delight to grow, and even better to smoke. The combination of Blueberry and Super Silver Haze is a match made in Garden of Eden providing one of the tastiest, aromatic Cannabis strains available.

Buy Blue Dream Seeds

These feminized Blue Dream seeds are offered for sale in feminized packs of 5, 10 and 20 seeds. Every order is guaranteed to be delivered, and every seed guaranteed to germinate into a top quality Blue Dream Cannabis plant. Stealth packaging and postage are included in the price and all guarantees are backed up by the I Love Growing Marijuana customer support service. We offer the best tasting, highest quality Blue Dream seeds for sale online.

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