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There are now nine different states in America that have legalized the use of recreational marijuana for all residents over the age of twenty-one, and another twenty-one states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana for certain conditions. With a large number of these states allowing its residents to grow a limited number of cannabis plants, the demand for USA cannabis seeds has never been higher.

Although illegal under federal law, many states have established medical marijuana programs for registered patients, allowing them to possess a limited amount of cannabis, and in many states, cultivate and grow a number of cannabis plants for their own personal use. This has led to an increase in demand in both indoor and outdoor cannabis seeds, as well as autoflowering strains which are the perfect choice for guerrilla growing techniques.

The relaxed laws in these states now allow many more people to grow their own cannabis plants, and the rise in demand for high quality seeds has lead to a wide and diverse selection now being grown across many parts of the USA. The different variation in climate and temperature between states in the north and those with a more southerly location is dramatic, and strains that may grow well outdoors in California and Florida, are often unsuitable for for northern based growers, with a much shorter growing season.

In general, outdoor cannabis growers in northern parts of the USA tend to grow Indica dominant cannabis seeds, while those in the southern states have more choice between Indica’s, Sativa’s and a range of hybrids, due to the warmer weather and longer growing season.

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Indoor growers have fewer climate issues and can grow marijuana seeds inside a purpose built area throughout the entire year. Although the initial expenses can be quite costly, equipment such as lights, fans and other ancillary aren’t cheap, once purchased, it can provide a regular and constant supply of good quality cannabis buds and cola’s.

Whether you choose to grow indoors or outside during the growing season, ensure the cannabis seeds you plant will produce only female plants. Cannabis seeds are deciduous, meaning the seeds will produce either a male or female plant, while the females are cherished for their buds, males are usually unwanted as their only role is to pollinate the female, creating the following years’ seeds. Feminized cannabis seeds are the preferred option for most growers, whether indoor or outside. Devoid of any male chromosomes, feminized seeds are guaranteed to produce female only plants, generating the best quality buds for harvesting, and without totally seed-free.

Many outdoor growers don’t realize that autoflowering seeds are also feminized, and are fully guaranteed to produce female only plants. Auto seeds are the perfect choice for the outdoor Summer grower, and capable of generating the fastest harvests. Grown during late Spring and Summer, the plants created by autoflowering seeds require no set hours of darkness. Unlike traditional strains that only flower when the light hours are reduced sufficiently, these cannabis plants actually prefer as much strong, direct sunlight as possible, and will grow and flower simultaneously, directly from the seedling stage.

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