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Buying Marijuana Seeds In California Online


Buy Marijuana Seeds In California

Buy Medical Marijuana Seeds In California


With over two thousand different strains from over fifty registered seed banks and producers, there’s a wide choice of marijuana seeds for sale in California online. For new growers this immense wealth of choice can sometimes be a little daunting, and faced with such a large choice, it can be difficult to pick the best seeds and strains for your needs without first doing some research. When faced with such a large choice the easiest way is to use a process of elimination, reducing the list down to a more manageable amount to view and choose from.

There are a variety of elimination process that can be performed, the first and easiest is to choose the type of marijuana seeds that suit your general growing needs. Although there are an almost endless variety of strains, marijuana seeds can be divided into three main categories, which are, feminized, regular and autoflowering. Each of these different types has different benefits and disadvantages, a brief understanding of these differences will help you to choose which type of marijuana seeds are best suited to your needs, environment and growing style.

Feminized seeds are the most commonly purchased form of marijuana seeds in California, and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing methods. Devoid of any male chromosomes, high quality feminized marijuana seeds are the best guarantee of producing pure, female-only plants. Regular marijuana seeds are more naturally produced and contain both male and female generating seeds, with most packets having a 50/50 mix, although these seeds require sexing, the males are necessary for people wanting to breed their own seeds, while the females make superior clone generating mother-plants. Autoflowering seeds are also feminized, guaranteeing female only plants. They have the added benefit of being able to flower regardless of the number of light hours they receive, and are the perfect choice for outdoor growing during the Summer months.

Once you have decided to buy marijuana seeds in California online, its time to reduce the number of strains on offer. This can be done easily on many good websites by selecting a variety of filters. One of the first many people enter is fast-flowering. This reduces the number of marijuana seeds to only show those seeds which ripen quickly, providing a quick return and harvest. Other filters commonly used include; high yielding, increased potency and THC levels, or reduced THC and increased CBD for medical strains.

These on-site filters should have reduced the choice of marijuana seeds down to more manageable levels and seeds suited to your growing needs and style. If you are planning to grow marijuana seeds outdoors, ensure they will have time to ripen and fully mature before the cold, night air begins to harm your buds and plants. While indoor growers with high energy costs may wish to avoid growing autoflowering marijuana seeds due to their need for longer light hours, even during flowering.


Choosing The Best Marijuana Seeds

One of the questions new and novice marijuana seed growers ask is, ‘what are the best marijuana seeds to grow’. With so much choice and variety on offer, it’s a very difficult question to answer, and one that varies widely from country to country, person to person. In general, most countries have a favorite, these include Sour Diesel and OG Kush in the USA, Cheese in the UK and Chronic in many parts of mainland Europe, although with new strains becoming popular all the time, these ‘old-school’ classics can sometimes become out of favour, giving rise to the newer breeds, such as Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies.

California Dream SeedsOften new growers will grow marijuana seeds that they have tried in the past and have enjoyed the taste and effects from. Others will scour the latest forum comments, looking for the latest strains or emerging best-sellers. Choosing the right marijuana seeds to grow shouldn’t always be decided by taste and effects alone. Several of the latest hybrids are quite complex, requiring a higher level of experience than many of the more stable strains. Nutrient levels, Ph factors and environmental conditions should all be factored into the equation to guarantee a successful harvest.

The type of marijuana seeds you decide to purchase and grow in California should reflect your level of experience and growing conditions. Read the information supplied by the marijuana seeds producers to see if the strains you prefer are suitable for your style of growing. Indoor growers face fewer issues with temperature, humidity and daylight hours than outdoor growers, but should check on the overall, mature height of the plants, as well as the length of time needed for the buds and cola’s to achieve peak maturity.

Different types of marijuana seeds produce plants with a variety of effects, and it’s important to understand the difference highs and feelings that these strains produce. Indica marijuana is well known for it’s calming ‘body-stone’ and is a favorite for many night-time smokers producing a tranquil and relaxing sensation. Indica marijuana is often prescribed as a pain killer as it can numb the body and subdue conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism. Sativa marijuana seeds seeds generate plants which produce more euphoric, creative feelings and often leaves the user feeling far more sociable, lively and energized than their indica counter-parts, and so are the preferred day-time choice for many smokers.

With many parts of the USA changing and amending their rules on marijuana, including being able to legally buy marijuana seeds in California, their has been a big rise is popularity of medical marijuana seeds. The main difference between these medical strains and the more commonly sought after recreational marijuana seeds is the ratio of CBD to THC, two of the primary chemical components of marijuana. Higher CBD levels, and reduced THC content may not appear very inviting to recreational users looking to enjoy the relaxing and euphoric effects that many strains produce, but these elevated CBD strains have shown to have many potential medical applications and uses.

Selecting the best marijuana seeds depends on so many different factors the answer can be different no matter how many smokers or growers you ask. The only thing they all agree on is buying the best marijuana seeds in California possible, and one’s most suited to your style and level of experience. Click below to learn more.


Buy Marijuana Seeds In California

Buying Cannabis Seeds In The USA


USA Cannabis Seeds

Buy Marijuana Seeds In USA

There are now nine different states in America that have legalized the use of recreational marijuana for all residents over the age of twenty-one, and another twenty-one states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana for certain conditions. With a large number of these states allowing its residents to grow a limited number of cannabis plants, the demand for USA cannabis seeds has never been higher.

Although illegal under federal law, many states have established medical marijuana programs for registered patients, allowing them to possess a limited amount of cannabis, and in many states, cultivate and grow a number of cannabis plants for their own personal use. This has led to an increase in demand in both indoor and outdoor cannabis seeds, as well as autoflowering strains which are the perfect choice for guerrilla growing techniques.

The relaxed laws in these states now allow many more people to grow their own cannabis plants, and the rise in demand for high quality seeds has lead to a wide and diverse selection now being grown across many parts of the USA. The different variation in climate and temperature between states in the north and those with a more southerly location is dramatic, and strains that may grow well outdoors in California and Florida, are often unsuitable for for northern based growers, with a much shorter growing season.

In general, outdoor cannabis growers in northern parts of the USA tend to grow Indica dominant cannabis seeds, while those in the southern states have more choice between Indica’s, Sativa’s and a range of hybrids, due to the warmer weather and longer growing season.

Buy Cannabis Seeds In The USA




AK 47

Amnesia Haze



Super Skunk

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Blue Dream


Girl Scout Cookies

Green Crack


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Fruity Mix

High Yield Mix

Patriot Mix

Platinum Mix

Spicy Mix

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Durban Poison

Jack Herer

Northern Lights

Super Skunk

White Widow

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Indoor growers have fewer climate issues and can grow marijuana seeds inside a purpose built area throughout the entire year. Although the initial expenses can be quite costly, equipment such as lights, fans and other ancillary aren’t cheap, once purchased, it can provide a regular and constant supply of good quality cannabis buds and cola’s.

Whether you choose to grow indoors or outside during the growing season, ensure the cannabis seeds you plant will produce only female plants. Cannabis seeds are deciduous, meaning the seeds will produce either a male or female plant, while the females are cherished for their buds, males are usually unwanted as their only role is to pollinate the female, creating the following years’ seeds. Feminized cannabis seeds are the preferred option for most growers, whether indoor or outside. Devoid of any male chromosomes, feminized seeds are guaranteed to produce female only plants, generating the best quality buds for harvesting, and without totally seed-free.

Many outdoor growers don’t realize that autoflowering seeds are also feminized, and are fully guaranteed to produce female only plants. Auto seeds are the perfect choice for the outdoor Summer grower, and capable of generating the fastest harvests. Grown during late Spring and Summer, the plants created by autoflowering seeds require no set hours of darkness. Unlike traditional strains that only flower when the light hours are reduced sufficiently, these cannabis plants actually prefer as much strong, direct sunlight as possible, and will grow and flower simultaneously, directly from the seedling stage.

Find Out More About USA Cannabis Seeds Below.

Buy Cannabis Seeds With Guaranteed Delivery

Buy Marijuana Seeds With Bitcoin

Buy Marijuana Seeds With Bitcoin

You can bulk buy marijuana seeds for Bitcoin through us. If you are looking to purchase 100 feminized or autoflowering marijuana seeds for the lowest price possible, and with total anonymity, we offer a selection of the finest seeds, all sold with guaranteed delivery.

Bitcoin is one of the fastest and easiest ways to purchase goods and services online. If you have a bitcoin wallet, or an account with one of the many exchanges, we can accept Bitcoin transfers directly and ship you bulk marijuana seeds at a cost of £250.00 in Bitcoin per 100 seeds.

We offer a selection of the finest seeds and strains, dispatched using the best stealth packaging and postal methods, click below to find out more.

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Tips For Guerrilla Growing Marijuana

Guerrilla Growing

Guerrilla Growing Tips

Countless numbers of countries have restrictive laws over using and cultivation of marijuana and cannabis, many experienced gardeners often employ guerrilla growing methods and techniques as a means of growing their own pot, cannabis or medicinal marijuana. Employing proven techniques, designed to reduce many of the risks associated with being caught, guerrilla growing is usually outdoors over the growing season, adopting different seeds and proven methods and techniques depending upon the location. Guerrilla growing methods have become common in many parts of the world, including the USA, Canada and the UK to name just a few.

The general desire and need for high quality cannabis and medical marijuana has steadily increased over the years, so to has the number of guerrilla growing set ups. Even growers in the more liberal, and marijuana friendly states, cannabis gardeners are restricted to a set, maximum amount of plants that can be legally planted and grown, wit some states outlawing growing marijuana completely. With many states providing perfect growing conditions through the Spring, Summer and early Fall, growing marijuana outdoors can be a low-cost, simple and highly profitable and rewarding, with many strains capable of producing large plants with heavy and abundant harvests. Unfortunately most states outlaw planting marijuana seeds and generating your own crop, making many growers resort to guerrilla growing techniques through the Spring and Summer season.

For the majority of gardeners, guerrilla growing reduces the chances of being caught in possession of, or cultivating cannabis. Although many parts across the USA, allow the use of marijuana, there are many that do not, and growing marijuana is generally very limited. Growing cannabis and marijuana in the United Kingdom is against the law across all parts of the country, and although there are not as many wide open spaces than available in the USA, guerrilla growing methods have become very popular there too, utilizing some of the cleverest places, including an unused, old nuclear bunker.

In the past guerrilla growing techniques have focused upon growing marijuana and cannabis seedlings outside away from your the home and growers property to reduce the risks. Many people do not realize that there are a wide selection of various methods and techniques which can be utilized from simple outdoor growing, through to renting large industrial sites with fake identities. There are many methods and whichever you chose to use, the aim remains to produce the highest quality marijuana without getting caught and subsequently arrested.

Guerrilla Growing Marijuana Tips

Now it’s time to start your guerrilla growing set-up. It is natural and perfectly acceptable to plant the marijuana and cannabis seeds straight into the pre-prepared growing area, many experienced growers would rather germinate and start the cannabis and marijuana seeds prior to planting, utilizing the advised and guaranteed techniques detailed when purchased.

Planning is an important element in achieving a successful crop, don’t just dig a small hole and expect the young seedlings to flourish, turn the soil and make sure it’s good enough for the roots to develop, it can be a good idea to leave a handful of coins in the vicinity. If the area is seldom visited by others, they will still be where you scattered them on later trips. It’s important that you don’t place the plants in straight rows, this is something nature rarely does, and generously water the seedlings before ensuring that all signs of your activities are removed, and the plant’s are disguised and camouflaged as much as possible.

Try to go near your guerrilla growing site as few times as possible and do not tell anyone that you are growing marijuana, and never let people know where it is. Marijuana plants will require a lot of water and nutrients during both the growth and first few weeks of flowering, especially the season grown, bigger female seeds and strains. Try to approach the plants from alternative routes, varying when you check on them, if there are people in the area, stay away, and return later, once the guerrilla growing site hasn’t been discovered or disturbed. Alternate which days and the times you visit the guerrilla growing set-up to water them, should there be any people anywhere in the vicinity, keep away from your plants, returning another day to reduce any suspicions.

Wild animals, walkers and hunters are capable of damaging or completely destroying your marijuana plants, insects, bugs, fungus and root viruses all have the potential to harm them before they are fully ripe and mature. Protecting your plants against the majority of common bugs and diseases needs a variety of different formula’s at different phases during their lives. it’s possible to shield the plants against the most prolific concerns, such as, spider-mites, bud rot and mold and root infections from bacteria with the highly recommended 3-formula plant protection defence system for sale by I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the world’s leading online cannabis and marijuana plant specialists.

Growing Tips Key Points

  1. All the recommended feminized marijuana seeds are totally guaranteed to germinate with free downloads and all the assistance and information you require.
  2. Prepare your area in advance, check the security and leave the area looking as natural as possible.
  3. Remain totally silent about what you are doing. Try to only visit your growing set-up when it’s necessary, making sure to water every plant adequately on each time you visit.
  4. Protect your plants from many of the common bugs, pests and fungus molds using using a variety of plant protection formulas.

    Bug Blaster
    Kills all unwanted pest inc spider mite, aphids, white flies and more.

    Root Protector
    Boost and strengthen your plants immune system when absorbed through the plants roots.

    Mold Control
    Mold can destroy your crop in a matter of days, Helps keep your plants disease free.

    Buy Marijuana Plant Protector

Buy Marijuana Seeds With Bitcoin

Buy Marijuana Seeds With Bitcoin

You can bulk buy marijuana seeds for Bitcoin through us. If you are looking to purchase 100 feminized or autoflowering marijuana seeds for the lowest price possible, and with total anonymity, we offer a selection of the finest seeds, all sold with guaranteed delivery.

Bitcoin is one of the fastest and easiest ways to purchase goods and services online. If you have a bitcoin wallet, or an account with one of the many exchanges, we can accept Bitcoin transfers directly and ship you bulk marijuana seeds at a cost of £250.00 in Bitcoin per 100 seeds.

We offer a selection of the finest seeds and strains, dispatched using the best stealth packaging and postal methods, click below to find out more.

Buy Marijuana Seeds With Bitcoin.