Chronic Widow -High Yield Marijuana Seeds


Chronic Widow Seeds


Chronic Widow SeedsFeminized Marijuana Seeds

65% Indica – 35% Sativa

Mature Heights Between 100 – 200 cm

23% THC Levels – High CBD Content

65 Day Flowering

700 Grams Per Square Meter Indoors


Chronic Widow Seeds Review

Chronic Widow seeds are the latest release from I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the world’s leading and most trusted Cannabis seed producers and retailers. By combining their classic White Widow with one of the highest quality Chronic strains, Robert Bergman and his team have produced one of the biggest yielding Cannabis hybrids currently available in their extensive collection.

Splicing together two notoriously well known strains was always going to produce something a little special, and the new Chronic Widow strain doesn’t disappoint! Expect nothing but the best. Fast flowering and with impressive yields, that will put a smile on even the most veteran ‘cash-crop’ growers face, Chronic Widow seeds are about to excite the complete Cannabis and Marijuana community with its high yields, extreme THC and CBD levels, and some of the smoothest, creamiest tasting Marijuana buds available.

Adapted for growing either indoors and outside, Chronic Widow reaches between 100 – 200 cm tall, depending upon conditions, environment and growing techniques. Its 65% Indica dominant genetics produce a bushy plant, perfect for Screen-of-Green growing techniques, where it’s height can be reduced, while maximizing bud sites and overall harvests.

Stable and uniform, Chronic Widow seeds are completely feminized and contain only female chromosomes, guaranteeing you a vibrant, healthy plant capable of producing large, dense buds, a generous coating of resin and powerful, potent high.

White Widow is considered the perfect beginner strain. Easy to grow and forgiving of many small errors, their seeds have produced countless harvests of the highest quality buds. Many of those characteristics have been combined with the slightly more difficult Chronic strain, producing a winning formula with a short 65 day flowering phase and THC levels averaging 23%.

A great strain for both the recreational and medical Marijuana user, generating a mix of Sativa and Indica properties, known to have beneficial effects against stress, pain and insomnia.

Chronic Widow seeds are available from I Love Growing Marijuana in packs of 5, 10 and 20 feminized seeds, all guaranteed to germinate, producing a true 100% female Chronic Widow Marijuana plant, with all the traits and characteristics you expect.

You can buy Chronic Widow feminized Cannabis seeds online from I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the leading producers of high quality Cannabis seeds. Available in complete packs of 5, 10 and 20 seeds, each one guaranteed to germinate and produce a high quality, female only plant.

All seeds are hand selected, ensuring you of the highest quality, and shipped directly to you from Amsterdam, Holland. Postage is included in the price shown, and all orders are sent using the best, ‘super-stealth’ packaging methods. Delivery is 100% guaranteed, and should any problems arise, their first-class customer support service will quickly arrange for a replacement delivery, totally free of charge.

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