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Medical Marijuana Seeds from the most popular breeders can be easily and discreetly shipped to the USA for your own private use. Discover more about the very best Marijuana Strains here, and then have them posted directly to your nominated address, regardless of where in the USA you are living. We guaranteed freshness, and the very best Medical Marijuana Seeds and Strains currently supplied, we can supply you with a large choice, with the highest awarded Indica’s, Sativa’s and cross-breeds from all around the world. Find the latest Marijuana Strains from Seed Breeders including Sensi Seeds Bank, DNA Genetics,Royal Dutch Queen andMosca Seeds. Combined with the lowest prices, together with many free Marijuana Seed giveaway’s, finding genuine, real and high quality Marijuana Seeds has never been easier to do.

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Supplying a wide and diverse selection of choice and breeders, choosing the perfect Marijuana Seeds for your purposes may often be a lengthy process and one which really should not be rushed. Combining a wide collection of the most popular Marijuana Seed Banks, we at VegPage, the No #1 web site for Marijuana Seeds, can supply you the biggest and complete variety of Marijuana Seeds and strains currently available. Our assembled collection are from Marijuana Seed breeders from all parts of theglobe, and represent some of the finest Marijuana Seeds and Strains available in seed form.

The Highest Awarded OG Kush Strains

OG Kush Seeds are available in a wide number of different varieties, all unique and highly sort after. Although many OG Kush Marijuana strains are popular across the world, it’s in the USA where it is most popular, contributing a large section of many Medical Marijuana collections. If you are searching for, high quality OG Kush strains, two company’s spring to mind, DNA Genetics and Reserva Privada. Producing many of the most popular OG Kush, Read a short review of the most popular OG Kush seeds and strains from the best and highest awarded Marijuana Seed breeders.

Reserva Privada and DNA Genetics are both West Coast of America Marijuana Seed breeders both holding large collections of OG Kush Seeds. With a wide variety of strains and seeds, from the purest OG Kush to a collection of poular, high quality hybrids, each offering a variation on the aroma, quantity and taste while keeping the best qualities. Both DNA Genetics and Reserva Privada offer many of their Marijuana seeds as both Feminized and Regular Marijuana seed packs, offering you one extra feminized Marijuana seed, and 3 free Regular Marijuana Seeds for the advertised price instead of the common 5 and 10 seed packets often supplied.For a lot of growers and smokers of Marijuana Purple Kush gives the best combinations of the best OG Kush traits, while maintaining its own unique and subtle changes from its initial genetics. If you’re searching for the very best purple and OG Kush Marijuana seeds, the Granddaddy Purple Genetics team have created possibly the most popular Purple Kush available. VegPage offer genuine OG Kush and Purple Kush seeds, all available and supplied for world-wide discreet delivery.

No OG Kush collection would be complete without a mention to Bubba Kush. Until recently Bubba Kush was only available as a Clone, so getting your hands on this Chemdawg variant was challenging to say the least. If you knew someone growing Bubba Kush, you had a chance of begging a Clone or Cutting from which you could then begin to clone a garden full. If however, you were like so many other people, who had only heard, read and perhaps smoked Bubba Kush, it was highly unlikely you would ever have the chance, or opportunity to grow Bubba Kush in your garden.

Times change, you can now find genuine Bubba Kush Seeds for Sale from one of the best Marijuana Seeds Company’s right here…Bubba Kush
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With the release of Green House Seeds Bubba Kush, Marijuana growers now have the opportunity of growing their very own Bubba Kush from the King of Cannabis, Arjan and the Green House Seed Company. The Green House Seeds Company are the most prestigious of all the Marijuana breeding companies, based in Amsterdam, Holland, capital of the Cannabis community Green House Seeds locate and subsequently breed from some of the finest Marijuana strains from around the world, creating the perfect blends of Indica’s, Sativa’s and Hybrid, all high quality Marijuana Seeds.

Bubba Kush combines the mouth-watering flavors produced by TH Seeds Bubblegum, the first strain of Bubblegum to be exported from Califoria to Amsterdam, and a subsequent world-wide renown Marijuana Strain, with the Kush Marijuana strain, heralding from the Hindu Kush Mountain range between Northern India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. There are many Kush Marijuana strains, one of the most famous being OG Kush.

With these mouth watering flavors, Bubba Kush tingles the taste buds, making Bubba Kush one of the tastiest strains of Marijuana available. As it fills the lungs and you taste the Bubblegum undertones, the powerful, heavy Indica effects quickly become apparent. This deep Indica provides a strong numbing sensation, which begins in the face, then extends to all parts of the body. See the charts below for the complete Medical Marijuana effects of Bubba Kush.

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