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The Start Of Auto Seeds and Strains

Auto Seeds have advanced a long way since the early days of the Joint Doctor’s Lowryder strain With the early strains suffering from low returns and THC levels, Auto seeds were often considered just a novelty, and of no real value. Initially, the original Auto Seeds were a combination of fast-flowering strains and Ruderalis genetics. As these genetics were manipulated over time, the subsequent yields per plant became greatly improved.

Early Auto seeds offered very little appeal and limited choices. The choice of Auto seeds has grown dramatically over the last few years as the Marijuana Seed company’s all began to produce their own Auto Seeds.

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Unlike the few Auto strains that were originally available, there is now a wide and diverse choice of Auto Seeds offering an Auto strain for almost every type and variety of feminized Marijuana Seeds. Increased yields per plant, together with advancements in the overall quality have awakened the interests of the commercial Marijuana growers, whose attention has been returned by the release of several Super-Auto’s. These Auto strains are capable of producing superior harvests with dense, heavy buds and are often the choice Auto seeds for the outdoor Marijuana seed grower.

Regular Or Auto Seeds Feminized

A far greater yield can be achieved by purchasing the Auto seeds feminized. This guarantees a far higher percentage of females, and in most cases returns only true female only Marijuana plants.

Always ensure that you purchase high quality Auto seeds feminized from a reliable supplier. Purchasing your Marijuana seeds through Auto Seeds Bank ensures that you will receive the best Auto seeds from the genuine breeders. As a world-wide and trusted distributor of genuine Auto seeds feminized seeds and regular Marijuana seeds, we can guarantee that no matter where you live we can assure you delivery.

If you are wondering how to grow Auto seeds, nothing could be more simple. Auto seeds do not require the customary twelve hours of darkness to induce flowering as required by regular and feminized Marijuana seeds. This gives these varieties a major advantage when grown outdoors in the Summer months, as controlling the hours of darkness the plants receive is no longer a major issue. During the long Summer days, Auto seeds provide the perfect addition to your outdoor garden by flowering automatically, while your feminized or regular Marijuana seeds are still in their vegative state.

Many people learn how to grow Auto seeds because of the speed it can provide high quality Marijuana. Many of the Auto strains available are mature in approximately 8-10 weeks, most under 70 days.

Popular Questions regarding Auto Seeds

What Are Auto Seeds?
Auto Seeds, Autoflowering Seeds and Auto Flowering Seeds are the label associated with Cannabis seeds that are able to flower and fully develop unaffected and regardless of the duration or term of dark these plants receive..

How To Grow Auto Seeds Outdoors.
If you are contemplating growing Auto Seeds outside, first germinate and begin the young seedlings inside under artificial light first. After they have grown their third/fourth set of true leaves, they should be hardy enough to plant outside.

What Is The Best Way To Grow Auto Strains?
Auto seeds and plants may grow both indoors and outside. The very best growing environment cannot always be supplied in a lot of countries, so therefore if optimum air, light as well as the correct nutrients are supplied, often growing Auto strains inside is usually more beneficial

I Grow Auto Seeds Indoors?
Absolutely, Auto Seeds can be grown indoors. It is often best to buy Auto Seeds feminized, as they will give you female only Marijuana plants. It is vital that adequate hours of high quality light is provided. Sunlight is free, however, Led lamps have proven more cost effective and cost less per hour

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