Guerrilla Growing Location Tips

Guerrilla Growing

Choosing A Guerrilla Growing Location

There are many countries that have restrictive laws over the possession and cultivation of marijuana, many experienced gardeners decide to use guerrilla growing methods and techniques as a way of growing their own smoke, cannabis and medicinal marijuana. Employing proven methods, designed to reduce many of the risks associated with being caught, guerrilla growing is usually outdoors during the growing season, using different seeds, strains and a wide range of proven techniques adaptable to your climate and location. Guerrilla growing methods have become common across many parts of the world, including the USA, Canada and the UK to name just a few.

Guerrilla growing in the USA has increased in popularity and become more common due to the increased demand for good quality marijuana increases. Although many states have changed their laws and decriminalizing marijuana, cultivation and home growing are often considered separately and are in many states strictly prohibited under both state and federal law. For a large number of marijuana growers, reaping the rewards gained from guerrilla growing over the Spring and Summer months are too good to ignore, providing an abundance of buds and cola’s for either personal use, or for sale to trusted friends. While there is demand for something, you can guarantee someone is profiting from it’s supply, and illegal or permitted, a large number of cannabis growers adopt guerrilla growing methods as a means of reducing many of the risks with getting caught, while still producing their own plants and high quality marijuana buds.

Across large parts of the USA, possessing or the growing of of marijuana is illegal under both federal and state law and can lead to a severe fine and often long jail-terms, guerrilla growing marijuana in a remote area, away from your own property reduces many of these risks considerably. While many parts of the USA, permit it’s use, many do not, and growing marijuana at home is very restricted. Guerrilla growing methods and techniques have been adopted right across the USA, Canada and even in the UK which, even though it’s a smaller country, have different guerrilla growing styles and techniques including growing in the city, underground and even using shipping containers.

In the past guerrilla growing techniques have been based on planting cannabis and marijuana seedlings outdoors away from your own land to reduce the risks of being caught. Many people do not realize that there are a wide selection of different methods that may be used from the basic outdoor planting, through to renting large industrial sites with fake documentation. From large, commercial operations, or a fist-time beginner who want’s to start growing some, high quality buds themselves, the art of guerrilla growing marijuana is the same, to reduce the risks associated with getting caught growing marijuana in the United States, or anywhere else it’s cultivation is against the law.

Planning is essential when considering guerrilla growing marijuana, using the right location is a vital part of producing a successful harvest. Your security and that of your crop is a major factor, however there are others to consider to. It’s important that you develop a place that is secluded and hard to get to, with little access by foot or car, yet within walking distance as, and when necessary. Selecting a good location may require you to go in secluded areas, the more secluded and hard to get to the better. Planting one or two selected cannabis and marijuana seeds which only requires a small area or clearing, however, bigger, commercial set-up’s will demand a much larger area.

Marijuana plants require large amounts of water in their growing and early flowering phase, relying on nature for rain may not be an option for a large number of guerrilla growers, many others however will need to think about how they are going to provide their marijuana plants enough water for their needs. Carrying water can be heavy, and as your guerrilla growing marijuana operation is situated in a secluded, hard to reach area, moving large, full water containers to these places may cause people to follow you, as well as being difficult and tiresome. Try to find a guerrilla growing location close to a stream, lake or water pool which you can use as a supply of water for your plants needs. Be careful and stay aware when you are visiting these remote areas however, as animals such as lynx and wild cats, bears and sometimes deer can frequent and use it a local watering place and may see you a threat.

Even though guerrilla growing may include indoor techniques, growing marijuana outdoors is far more common-place, utilizing as much natural sunlight to create the highest quality marijuana and cannabis plants. Selecting the best site to begin a guerrilla growing operation requires balancing camouflaging and disguising needs, while exposed to allow the plant to get as much free, direst sunlight as possible. If available, place camouflage near the plants and area, leaving it open to the mid-day sunshine for the very best energy and camouflage and protection.

Large open areas might offer unshaded access to endless hours of daylight, but offer little in the form of protection from the strong winds or some of the Summer storms experienced in many states of the USA. Plants grown over an entire season will grow very large, sometimes achieving up to two meters tall. Heavy cola’s and buds may sometimes cause pressure on the plant’s main stem or side branches, and can easily break off when open to strong winds. Often these winds flow from an identical direction, therefore selecting a good location that offers a natural protection from them might protect the plants and buds until harvest.

Location Key Points

    1. Locate your guerrilla grow away from recreational areas, walked paths and public view, in a remote, seldom visited location.
    2. Don’t rely on natural rainfall to adequately water your plants. Select a guerrilla growing location close to a natural water supply.
    3. Strong, direct sunlight, especially during the afternoon provides the energy the plants need for vigorous growth. Try to leave this side of the plant exposed for maximum light penetration.
    4. Strong winds can easily damage marijuana plants, breaking the stems and stalks, especially when they are heavy with bud. Sheltered areas offer some natural protection.

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