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Guerrilla Growing

Marijuana Seeds For Guerrilla Growing

A large number of countries restrictive laws over using and cultivation of marijuana, many experienced gardeners decide to adopt guerrilla growing techniques and methods as a way of producing their own smoke, buds or medical marijuana. Countries such as the UK, United States, Canada and many other ‘free’ countries prohibit the free, unrestricted use and cultivation of marijuana, forcing people to either grow inside their house, or outdoors, on their land, or, as many are now doing,, resort to ‘guerrilla growing’ techniques and methods to grow and produce their own marijuana and cannabis buds, cola’s and edibles.

The general desire and need for high quality cannabis and medical marijuana has steadily increased over the years, so has the amount of guerrilla growing set-up’s and operations. Even with many states changing the laws, and decriminalized the use and possession of marijuana, growing and cultivation are separately and in many states illegal under both state and federal law. As there are large areas of the USA, offering perfect growing conditions through the Spring, Summer and early Fall, growing marijuana plants outdoors is a low-cost, simple and rewarding, often generating large plants with generous harvests. Unfortunately most states outlaw freely planting marijuana seeds and generating your own crop, making many growers resort to guerrilla growing methods during the growing season.

For the majority of people, guerrilla growing reduces the chances of being caught possessing, or growing cannabis. While some states of America allow the use of marijuana, there are many that do not, and growing marijuana is generally very limited. Guerrilla growing methods and techniques have been adopted in many parts of the USA, Canada and even in the United Kingdom which, even though it’s a smaller country, have different guerrilla growing styles and techniques including guerrilla growing underground, in the city and even using shipping containers.

Guerrilla growing can actually take many different guises, and although planting marijuana seeds outdoors, away from your home and land, choosing a remote, secluded places is usually the most commonly known technique, there are actually many ways of start guerrilla growing marijuana plants, that are used right across the world, from single outdoor planted seeds, through to much larger, more commercially based operations and black market enterprises. From large-scale set-up’s, down to the simple novice who want’s to produce a few, high quality buds themselves, the point of guerrilla growing remains the same, reducing the risks of getting arrested for growing marijuana in the USA, or any other country where it’s cultivation is prohibited.

Once you have selected an area for guerrilla growing, the next decision is the right sort of seeds and strains that are suited to your environment and needs. Where possible all marijuana strains and seeds can be grown outside, some begin to flower, bud and mature a lot faster than other strains, making these particular seeds a more preferred choice for northern state growers. Only female marijuana plants produce buds and cola’s, male’s produce pollen for fertilization, you can make sure you aren’t planting males or hermaphrodite plants by purchasing only feminized marijuana seeds. There is little point spending time, money as well as your efforts on guerrilla growing, if the plants are not 100% guaranteed to produce good quality yields and harvests.

Climate plays a considerable part during the growth and development of your marijuana seeds, and ideally you should buy seeds which are able to grow well given the environment and conditions around your guerrilla growing area. Even though strains and seeds should be selected which you enjoy and appeal to your tastes and needs, when they are produced outdoors, the plants will require long enough in full flower to achieve complete maturity before the temperatures drop and early night time frosts produce rotting buds and mold issues and daylight hours are all major factors if you are growing marijuana plants outdoors, and selecting marijuana seeds and strains that are able to develop and grow, bud, flower and completely mature naturally, and before the lower winter temperatures andthe first frosts, can be a very important part in strain selection. While the extended growing period and warmer winter enjoyed in the southern parts of the USA, can be perfect for longer flowering, Sativa based strains, these marijuana seeds may struggle to completely mature when planted in the north. However the more compact and bushier Indica varieties have a quicker flowering stage and so are able to mature in cooler temperatures and far harsher environments.

A wide number of marijuana guerrilla growers in many parts of the USA, are now buying autoflowering marijuana seeds to grow throughout the Summer months. Completely feminized and guaranteed to generate female-only marijuana plants, these marijuana seeds are the best selection for novice and outdoor commercial growers alike, generating the best quality marijuana buds and cola’s with complete disregard to the amount of dark hours they receive. With few hours of darkness necessary, feminized autoflowering seeds can be one of the perfect types of marijuana seeds for summertime guerrilla growing in the USA. Their ability to develop and mature simultaneously reduces the total amount of time from germination through to maturity and harvest to around twelve weeks, and although the yields can be significantly reduced compared to traditional strains, the speed and ease that these plants grow, means you can produce many harvests from mid-July onward.

Planting a variety of different autoflowering, Indica and some longer flowering Sativa dominant seeds and strains during the early part of the growing season can oftengenerate an abundance of potent and high quality cannabis and marijuana buds during the second half of the growing season and into the Fall. Guerrilla growing marijuana in northern areas will require more planning and thought over selecting of the right seeds and marijuana strains due to the shorter growing season and the colder temperatures during the Fall. Autoflowering marijuana seeds might be the only option for extremely northern parts of the USA, while southern guerrilla growers often plant them for fast crops during their longer period, often achieving two or three complete grow’s by planting feminized autoflowering seeds, instead of producing just a single large harvest at the end of September, beginning of October.

Seed Selection Key Points

  1. Germinate only feminized cannabis seeds to guarantee all the seeds you grow are female and able to produce only high quality buds and cola’s.
  2. Germinate seeds and strains that have flowering times suitable for your location. Southern states have a wider choice, while northern parts of the USA, should buy faster maturing marijuana seeds and strains to harvest before the beginning of the Winter frosts.
  3. Many of the autoflowering strains can be quick to mature as well as being extremely simple to grow and harvest, making them a perfect choice for fast harvests in northern states, or for generating multiple yields and harvests in warmer, southern states.
  4. A successful harvest requires you plan the guerrilla growing marijuana set up well in advance, study when and what seeds to to sow in your location and an understanding of their expected maturity dates.

Autoflower Seeds For Guerilla Grow

Feminized Seeds For Guerrilla Growing

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