How To Grow Marijuana In Yukon

Basic Facts About Growing Cannabis Seeds

One of the first decisions that needs consideration when growing Marijuana seeds is deciding if you want to plant the Cannabis seeds outdoors or inside using artificial lighting. There is more than one way to grow Marijuana seeds with some methods proving more costly than others.

Whether you are growing inside or outdoors, the first thing you will need to do is to germinate the Cannabis seeds that you wish to grow. There are many ways for germinating Cannabis seeds, you could put the seed about a quarter inch to a half inch into the soil, covering it completely. The soil should remain moist but never get truly wet, and should stay at a nice, warm 75-degree temperature. All you have to do after that is wait to see the tiny sprout beginning to appear in 3 to 7 days (which can vary according to the strain and a number of other factors).

Purple Haze SeedsOne of the more favoured methods for germinating Cannabis seeds is to soak them for a day or two in a cup of water. Once they have swollen and begin to crack open, tip the seeds onto some damp kitchen roll, toilet paper or paper towels. Then keep the paper towels or sponge moist until you see the main tap root appear. It is possible for seeds to be ready for planting in as little as 24 hours while others may take as long as a week. After germinating the seeds this way, they will need to be planted into the soil. This should be done as soon as it begins cracking open to allow the tiny sprout to emerge. Keep the soil moist but not wet, and make sure it is covered on the top.

Be sure to give your new plants plenty of light once they begin to grow. For indoor growers, fluorescent lights should be as close as possible to the soil, and should not be moved upwards until the seedling has grown a decent amount. Often growers allow their baby cannabis plants light for twenty-four hours a day for maximum growth, but this part is up to you.

After the cannabis seedling has developed roots and produced its first few sets of leaves, it will begin to rapidly grow and produce leaves and branches. This phase of fast growth is known as the vegetative period, and is very important in creating a large number of budding sites The stem will become thicker and stronger, and it will be producing new leaves at an increasingly fast rate. The vegetative phase is crucial in allowing the plant to receive as much energy from the sun as possible (as the leaves absorb this energy), and therefore will be needed in the flowering period later needing all the energy it has stored up during this stage. A bigger marijuana plant produces more buds, so take the vegetative stage seriously.

That being said, you can only grow your marijuana plant to use as much space as the growing area allows. If you just want a small plant for personal use of marijuana, then approximately 30 days of vegetative growth should do the trick. Sea of Green growing techniques often require just two to three weeks of the vegetative phase and still get a reasonably good amount of buds at harvest.

The more experienced growers employ training techniques to promote lateral growth instead of vertical, thus maximizing the amount of growth without the plant becoming too big for the growing space that they have.

If you are planting marijuana seeds indoors, you will have to provide for all the plant’s needs. Selecting the best growing medium, the Ph levels and when to water, which nutrients the plants require, and even the “sun” all provided by you. The quality and number of hours of light that Cannabis seeds receive is vital when growing plants you will need to change the number of hours of light that your plant is exposed to it is the increase in the amount of hours of darkness which triggers their progression from vegetative to the flowering stage..

The flowering phase is activated by reducing the exposure of the marijuana plant to twelve hours of “sunlight” (or lamp-light, as it were) and, more importantly, 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness. Make sure the darkness is complete and allows no light to penetrate, as this will cause the plant to hermaphrodite or produce rogue male flowers in the later flowering stage. Additionally, the Twelve hours of light the plant gets should be as strong as possible to maximize the bud sizes.

The main advantage of growing indoor potted marijuana plants is that you can move them to wherever you want it, whenever you need to. To achieve the plants maximum flowering potential, it must have 12 hours of total darkness, many people move their plants to an enclosed indoor area, such as a cupboard or small room. There, set up your artificial lights you have selected so that you are able to expose the plant to its 12 hours of lighting and 12 hours of darkness perfectly. Using an outlet timer is probably your best choice as it leaves out any room for error..

Remember, to make sure the 12 hours of darkness are total and entirely uninterrupted. If there is any light that gets into the enclosure (i.e. if you accidentally open the door during the 12 hours of darkness), even for just a moment, your plant will start getting stressed and confused about the seasons. Stress in marijuana plants may cause all sorts of problems, one of which is the plant developing into a hermaphrodite, producing both male and female flowers, or else it may simply have a lower quality and lesser quantity harvest as they mature. The flowering stage takes between 56 to 70 days, and once completed it is time to cut and harvest your marijuana plants.

Buy Marijuana Seeds In Yukon

Buy Marijuana Seeds In Yukon