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Stop Bud Rot

Can You Smoke Bud Rot -No NEVER

What Causes Bud Rot In Cannabis Buds ?

Bud rot is a form of mould and fungus. It is found naturally in the air, contained in microscopic spores. When these spores are given ideal conditions, they will multiple, attacking the Cannabis bud from the middle, usually beginning with the top cola’s and .biggest buds.

The most common time to suffer bud rot problems is the later stages of flowering, and special attention needs to be given to the dense top buds on a daily basis. The mould or fungus begins close to the stem, making it wet and sticky to touch.

Many growers believe that bud rot is almost unavoidable and that good air circulation is the best means of prevention. Circulating air around the plants will help, although this will not reduce the risk of bud rot developing on it’s own.

High water vapour levels are often the cause of an outbreak, so by controlling the humidity within the growing area, you are decreasing the risk.


How To Prevent And Stop Bud Rot

Together with high humidity levels, low night-time temperatures also play a part in causing bud rot. Cannabis plants transpire during the daylight hours, and to a lesser degree at night. This is the process by which they release excess water, collected through their roots, out through their leaves in the form of vapour.

As the temperature cools, the water vapour reforms into molecules and gathers in the buds, a potential home for bud rot. As the buds become more dense and the moisture in the middle is collected, mould forms and spreads to the outer part of the bud.

Air extraction is important, more than pumping fresh air into the area. Extracting the air, even at night will reduce the water vapour significantly. Cannabis plants perform best when the humidity levels are between 30% – 40% higher and growth is reduced, and the risk of bud rot is increased.

Reducing the humidity is the answer, not only will your plants flower faster and with more density, the chances of them being ruined by bud rot are greatly reduced. This can be achieved with an expensive climate control system, or the Stop The Rot Bag, specially designed to reduce the humidity in Cannabis grow rooms.


Stop Bud Rot – Fit Stop The Rot Bags

Stop The Rot Bag - Stop Bud Rot

We here at MobileKub have been very impressed with the Stop The Rot Bag and are happy to advertise it to our network of world-wide readers. In tests it has proven to reduce the humidity, and securely collected the condensed water for later disposal.

It is difficult to estimate the number of bags necessary to reduce the humidity, it depends on each individual grow room, air quality and temperature ranges. If you know your area is suffering from high humidity, purchasing 1 bag may not be enough.

If You Value Your Top Cola’s Buy More Bags!!

Fitting several of these bags in the room, 3 in fact, reduced the humidity significantly. The crystals slowly absorbed the moisture and dissolved, leaving a liquid in the lower chamber, the collected humidity.

Replacements had to be fitted in half way through the cycle, as the Stop The Rot Bags were full, and the humidity had crept back up.

Remember: Bud Rot Attacks The Best Buds First

Is It Worth The Risk ?

Bud Rot is a form of Mould.


  • Don’t Sell Infected Buds. 
  • Don’t Smoke Infected Buds.
  • Don’t Allow Bud Rot To Develop.

Fit Stop The Rot Bags and Reduce The Humidity Naturally.

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