Preparing The Soil For Growing Marijuana Outdoors


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How to Prepare the Soil

for Growing Marijuana Outdoor


How to Prepare the Soil for growing Marijuana outdoors

Soil plays a very important and a decisive role in the growth for growing marijuana outdoor. Therefore, it should be given proper care and concentration if you want your marijuana plant to grow to its fullest. The soil should be prepared in such a way that even it looks fertile with a naked eye.

For instance, you should filter it so that there are not any rocks, lime, clay or any useless particles. Plus, proper drainage preparation is also absolutely necessary. Then, you need to clear any area nearby with any other plant growing in it; it needs a fully free environment to grow itself.

The next step is to dig a foot hole deep and a foot in diameter for each group of seeds. Then you should give proper space of 2 inches for gravel that would result in a perfect drainage system for your plant. Now, you can simply fill the other part of the hole with a sterilized and high quality potting mix that you bought from a seed store.

Make sure that the quality of soil is up to the mark, you can get high quality sterilized soil in reasonable and affordable price range in any online seed store. However, if you do not feel good buying online, you can always go for a nearby store.

If you are keen enough to know completely how to grow outdoor marijuana seeds, you can understand this as well that if you feel like your plant will lack in nutrients, you can place a slow and gradual giving nutrients fertilizer but make sure it does not over do the process as it may become very harmful for the plant.

However, if you want your plant to be completely organic, then it is not a good practice to opt for fertilizers. Just concentrate on sunlight, don’t place it in under shade of any big trees or anywhere under the shed.

The soil should be such that it should compact when you try to squeeze it and break apart when you apply pressure. If your soil possesses these characteristics then it means it’s perfect for planting seeds now and growing marijuana outdoor will be easy for you.