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Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon

Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon is the Hidden Treasure of the Marijuana World

Discover more about this stately winning strain aptly named after one of the most famous kings in Egyptian history, welcome to the treasures of Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon.

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Pyramid Seeds Complete Marijuana Seeds Collection.

Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon is one of the finest strains available from this Connoisseur quality Seed Bank. This classic continues to excite collectors of all experience levels with soaring Sativa highs, high-octane power and smashing yields that do more than satisfy. Designed for total satisfaction, we recommend Pyramid Seeds for both commercial yields and their intense flavors, their feminized Marijuana seeds are nothing short of spectacular!.

Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon Review

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Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon

Tutankhamon was one of the very first seeds to be released from Pyramid Seeds, and is still considered by many to be one of the very best. This extremely heavy yielding plant remains fairly small and very bush like, producing classic Indica characteristics, while supplying lingering Sativa highs and very satisfying harvests.

Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon has it’s genetics based deep within the AK47 lineage, therefore quality was never going to be a concern, combined with a sweet but sour taste,  if you like a pungent, sweet-sour taste, get ready to mop up the drool!.

Pyramid Seeds’ Tutankhamon is a very small, compact feminized seed with lots of branches to hold her massive buds. With potential yields that can exceed over 500 grams per plant and soaring THC levels with can peak at 22%, Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon is one of the best and most outstanding AK47 phenotypes available.

With such high production levels, and it’s soaring Sativa highs, its easy to expect Tutankhamon to require a longer flowering period, however that isn’t the case with with strain. Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon matures in approximately sixty days, or 8/9 weeks from activating its photo period. If that’s too long, perhaps consider Auto Tutankhamon, an Autoflowering Seeds variety of this very strong and commercially yielding Marijuana strain.

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Pyramid Seeds Tutankhamon is now available to buy as Single Seed, or as 5 seed packets.

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