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The Beginning Of Auto Seeds


Originally the yields from these early strains were relatively low, as were the THC levels. However, as the genetics have advanced, so in turn have the yields. Much of the reason for these low yields was due to high quantities of the Ruderalis gene to induce the auto flowering mechanism. Over time the genetics have been developed, reducing the Ruderalis gene with genetics that offer a far superior return.

Early Auto seeds offered very little appeal and limited choices. With the rise in demand for Auto Seeds, so to did the number of Auto seeds. Where once only a few select Marijuana Seed breeders produced Auto Seeds, now almost all the best and most respected teams supply a variety of Auto Seeds and strains.


The Best Selling Auto Seeds Are Here

The Best Selling Auto Seeds Are Here

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Auto seeds were once quite bland and tasteless, however, with the commercial development of these plants, it is now possible to buy Auto Seeds in almost all varieties available as regular or feminized Marijuana Seeds. The latest selection of Auto Seeds are highly prized and sought after by the commercial Marijuana growers due to their spectacular yields in super fast times.

Selecting Auto Seeds Feminized

If possible, ordering your Auto seeds feminized returns more Marijuana per square meter. This is because the feminized Marijuana seeds that you plant should produce nothing but true female only plants.

Always ensure that you purchase high quality Auto seeds feminized from a reliable supplier. Purchasing your Marijuana seeds through Auto Seeds Bank ensures that you will receive the best Auto seeds from the genuine breeders. From Marijuana seeds to the USA to Auto seeds feminized and regular, through our links you can order your single seeds, complete 3, 5 and 10 seed packets and even bulk wholesale orders of Marijuana seeds through Auto Seeds Bank.

Unlike some forms of Marijuana and Cannabis seeds, learning how to grow Auto seeds couldn’t be more simple. Auto seeds do not require the customary twelve hours of darkness to induce flowering as required by regular and feminized Marijuana seeds. This gives these varieties a major advantage when grown outdoors in the Summer months, as controlling the hours of darkness the plants receive is no longer a major issue. Optimum light hours for Auto seeds are between 18 – 20 per day, so even during the long, bright Summer months, these Marijuana seeds will still flower.

With almost all the strains fully mature and ready for harvest between fifty and seventy days, often growers discover how to grow Auto seeds as a means of producing fast and quickly replenished plants.

The Most Common Questions On Auto Seeds and Strains

Exactly What Are Auto Seeds?
Auto Seeds, Autoflowering Seeds and Auto Flowering Seeds is the collective label associated with Marijuana and Cannabis seeds with the ability to produce their buds and fully develop unaffected and regardless of the length or term of darkness these plants get.

How To Grow Auto Seeds Outdoors.
The recommended way to grow Auto Seeds outdoors is to, first germinate and raise your seeds inside under artificial light first. After they have grown their 3rd -4th set of true leaves, they should be strong enough to move outside.

What Are Lowryder Seeds?
Made by the Joint Doctor, the original Lowryder strain started the rise in popularity of Auto Seeds.

What Are Feminized Seeds?
Feminized Marijuana Seeds were first introduced over twenty-five years ago now. Currently most Marijuana strains are available as feminized seeds, guaranteeing each Marijuana seed you sow matures into a female plant, with the ability to produce good quality Marijuana.


Auto Seeds have developed rapidly during the last few years.

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