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You can buy OG Kush Seeds online at the very best prices, supplying the indoor Marijuana grower with the to grow some of the finest Weed possible. Locate the best suppliers and cheapest prices for all your OG Kush Seeds online.

Originally created and established in California, OG Kush Seeds very quickly secured a position as one of the preferred Medical Marijuana seeds for both outdoor and indoor Marijuana and Cannabis gardeners.

The genetic make-up of OG Kush Seeds is as shrouded in mystery and confusion as the very name itself. Almost all Marijuana purists agree that the original genetics are part Chem Dawg, the remaining parentage remains a mystery, suggested influences include Lemon Thai, Pakistani Kush and Hindu Kush all said to be included and playing a part.

Likewise with the name OG Kush Seeds, while some consider the origins of the name to have come from the California Rap stars enjoyment of the smoke, and so naming it OG (Original Gansta) for other people it is an old reference regarding where it was first cultivated and grown, Ocean Grown, by the Ocean in California.

Whatever the origins of the name, one thing that they all agree upon is the perfect quality of OG Kush Seeds which develop to become some of the very best Marijuana available. Giving the smoker a unique taste and high that is rarely matched by any other strain.

Many of the most popular modern seeds have shared genetics with OG Kush Seeds, its distinct flavor and powerful high have been integrated and cross bred to form many new seeds, forming a never ending supply of new seeds, plants and buds, suitable for all tastes. However, sometimes you just want the real thing, and that means buying OG Kush Seeds from a genuine source.


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OG Kush Seeds from DNA Genetics/Reserva Privada

Since their move into the heart of Amsterdam, DNA Genetics Seeds have increased their valuable choice of good quality Standard and Feminized Marijuana Seeds. Though initially a West Coast Californian Marijuana Seeds company, the decision to move to Holland in 2003 has assisting in promoting their name, seeds and clothing line to a world wide audience

OG Kush Seeds are available from several Marijuana Seed breeders, but for many people DNA Genetics and Reserva Privada, their Sister company, offer the very best choice of stable, high-quality OG Kush Seeds. Considered by a large number of seasoned growers to be the genuine OG Kush, even possibly an original Chem Dawg cut that has been acquired and bred, Reserva Privada OG Kush Seeds remain some of the most popular Marijuana Seeds in the USA.

Supplying yields between four-five hundred grams per square meter, assuming good growing conditions and the environment it is grown in, Reserva Privada OG Kush Seeds provide a very creative high that’s both powerful but stimulating, enhanced by the Sativa genetics.


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Find the best OG Kush Seeds and a wide variety of Marijuana Seeds and strains from Seed Banks such as Sensi Seeds Bank, DNA Genetics, Ace Seeds and Hero seeds. Combined with the guarantee of the best prices, together with frequent offers for extra free Marijuana Seed giveaway’s, locating fresh, real and high quality Marijuana Seeds has never been easier.

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