Tips For Marijuana Seed Germination

When your Marijuana seeds have been delivered it is possible that the seeds will not germinate.

Help Germination by Soaking Your Seeds.

To begin with, it is possible to increase the speed of germination rate and also kill any infectious agents simply by following this technique. Soak the Marijuana Seeds for about twelve hours in hydrogen peroxide or some type of compost tea solution. Then, after you have placed the seeds into the planting soil of your choice, water them with a solution of .5% hydrogen peroxide. It is important at this stage to remember that whichever potting medium you use it needs to remain moist. This can easily be done by simply placing a dome over the top of your seeds to keep the humidity inside the dome higher. At this stage it is important to place your seeds away from direct sunlight, and that the seeds remain at a constant temperature of 72 degrees. The length of time it can take for seeds to germinate often varies and depends on their age and maturity. The average amount of time it takes for Cannabis seeds to germinate is around 2 to 10 days.

Growing Outdoors.

If you select to grow your Marijuana plants outdoors, your crop should be planted at the same season that regular farmers would be planting seeds in your local town. Your  seeds need to be planted  ¼ inch deep into the soil. To begin with, your Marijuana seeds will require protection from other weeds and plants, but, as Marijuana is a weed, after the Cannabis plants have reached a tall enough height, they will over-take any other plants in the area in which they are sowed.

Buying Female Seeds.

A common question that people unfamiliar to growing Marijuana may ask is do female seeds work? The simple answer is yes absolutely, they seeds can be just as effective as regular seeds. Female Cannabis and Marijuana seeds are created when the male flowers are used to fertilize female Marijuana plants using some type of chemical method.It is possible, when proper procedures are not used, that the plants turn hermaphroditic and the seeds produced do not germinate. This is a common problem and is often due to the process used in trying to produce feminized seeds. If you are get your Marijuana or Cannabis seeds from a professional seed manufacturer, make sure you’re buying from a company with a good reputation. Search on the internet  for the company that you are getting seeds from, try to find any reviews or comments regarding the company.

Selecting Only Healthy Seeds

The main point you need to ensure that the Marijuana seeds you select to germinate is to use only mature and healthy seeds. It does not matter whether you are buying from a professional Marijuana or Cannabis seed provider or cultivating your own seeds, make sure that the seeds you are planting are healthy. Mature seeds are a dark brown color instead of white or light green in color. They should also be large and round, although several strains do produce perfectly good smaller seeds, often hybrid seeds are smaller. Damaged or crushed seeds are likely to be damaged,  and it is these Cannabis Seeds that may not germinate.