Want To Become A Pro At Horticulture? Read On

Gardening is a fun and rewarding hobby with many benefits. Whether you grow vegetables or flowers, caring for these plants will give you great satisfaction. Read this article to learn some important tips about horticulture, and taking care of your growing plants.

When it’s autumn, it’s time to start planting all of your fall edibles. This year, instead of using your regular clay pots to plant your kale and lettuce, use a pumpkin as the container instead! Once you cut an opening at the top of the pumpkin and scoop out the insides, spray the inside and edges with Wilt-Pruf to keep the pumpkin from rotting. You can now use it to plant in, as you would a pot.

TIP! Protect your delicate shrubs from harsh, wintry elements. Shrubs in pots especially need special care in the colder weather.

Choose one stand-out plant to be a focal point. In a well designed garden you should have a focal point so that your eyes will stay there. Usually this is a big plant that is somewhat different from the other plants in the garden.

Fruit Tree

In a small garden, plant a dwarf fruit tree. Even the smallest garden has room for dwarf trees. This variety of fruit tree will mature and yield full sized fruit after about three years, though sometimes it can take a bit longer. Keep dormant trees abundantly watered after planting in the early spring.

TIP! Use rainwater to water your garden to be a green gardener. Almost any container, such as a barrel, is suitable to collect rain water.

Clay is difficult to dig through with a shovel, as it is sticky and compact. Simplify the process by putting a bit of wax onto the shovel. The clay won’t stick then. This causes the clay to slide rather than stick, and prevents rust as a side effect.

Make use of root cuttings to create many new plants. Cut the roots in winter, as this is when they are usually dormant. Use the sharpest knife you have to take the thickest, longest roots available. Each root should be cut into lengths of about two inches. Fill a tray of seeds with grit and moist peat and put the cuttings of the roots on it. Cover it with a small layer of grit and peat. Leave your trays in a cool environment and wait a few months for the new seedlings. Plant these seedlings into their own little pots until they’re large enough to be planted in the ground.

You probably know just how rewarding gardening can be. There is just something about growing your own flowers and vegetables that is very fulfilling. By incorporating some of the tips in the above article, you can take your love of horticulture to an entire new level.

Gardening can incorporate a wide number of areas, such as growing your own food produce, or as a small market garden. Alternatively, many people take a great sense of pride in their garden, and plant flowers, trees and shrubs.

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