What Are Regular Marijuana Seeds


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Regular Marijuana seeds are the purest form of Marijuana Seeds, and one’s that have not been genetically modified or artificially boosted in any way. Regular Marijuana seeds contain the original parent genetics, compared to those that have been Feminized or chemically enhanced.

The primary advantage to the Marijuana seed grower, is that they can grow a more pure and natural form of marijuana, that will be more stable and often more potent than Marijuana seeds that has been manipulated or feminized.

Buying regular Cannabis and Marijuana seeds means you will get the opportunity to grow both male and female Marijuana plants. The male to female ration will be approx half male, half female, and unless you wish to seed your plants, you will want to remove the males at the earliest opportunity, so as to avoid pollination.

Apart from giving the Marijuana gardener the chance to breed seeds for their own later use, the main advantage that regular Marijuana seeds have compared to feminized Marijuana seeds, is that the female plants that are produced and grown will usually retain all of the best features from each parent, often proving to be far more consistent than their feminized counter-parts, regular Marijuana seeds provide the purest form of weed.

Remember, Regular Marijuana seeds are those that have not been genetically modified or artificially boosted in any way, and are considered the organic choice for many Medical Marijuana gardeners.

There are a wide and diverse selection of Regular Marijuana Seeds available from seed breeders all across the world. If you are considering buying regular Marijuana Seeds click through the banners and visit the shop.



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