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What Is Marijuana ?


What is Marijuana?


Many questions and debates arise regarding the origins of Marijuana. Many different and unique answers are given, but as times go on, more questions still emerge, thereby making this plant a very controversial subject. Years ago, this plant had few contributions to give to society. Some classified it as ornamental until such time they discovered the medicinal value of the plant. Marijuana or Cannabis, as some people call it, has various parts that have plenty of uses. From roots to flowers, it can be used as a medicine, they extract oil from it, and the fiber from the stems and twigs are for weaving cloth and writing products such as paper.

Why do people use Marijuana?

Disregarding the use of Marijuana in medical science is a big mistake. It’s effectiveness in preventing and curing illnesses and diseases is still to be fully understood, however, many agree it contains natural properties which other medicines do not. The abundance of its availability is everywhere and the cost of production is far less than many of the chemical substitutes that can be prescribed.

Can Marijuana be a food source?

Scientifically, Marijuana is not really applicable as a source of food. Results show that it has a less than palatable taste when mixed with other ingredients. It can be used in cooking a certain variety of foods, and recipes can be sourced online.

What is the taste of Marijuana?

Because there are different types of Marijuana, many strains have totally different tastes and flavors. Some are sweet and some have no taste at all. The best way to enjoy the true taste of any strain of Marijuana is through the use of a Vaporizer. This allows you to enjoy the pure taste of the Marijuana without the need for paper or tobacco.

Are Hemp seeds and Marijuana Seeds the same?

Marijuana or Cannabis Seeds are also forms of hemp seeds. The substances contained in these seeds, once processed can be utilized in making medicine, that has been proven to help cure several illnesses, including; respiratory, digestive, and nervous system disorders of the body. Some are good for general health because they have fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. The danger of heart attack can be reduced if proper usage is followed. Other industrial products can be obtained when both Hekp and Marijuana Seeds undergo more advanced manufacturing methods.


Marijuana and Cannabis are specialist fields of research, and new developments are taking place every day. If you wish to specialize in growing Marijuana, learn as much as you can, practice new skills and methods and learn what strains are best suited to both your needs and the environment you are providing for them to grow in.